When we moved to Wichita, we didn't know anyone. After working my butt off for 6 months, my employer decided to go another way. Being in a town 8 hours from home and virtually knowing no one was a daunting situation. I struggled to find fiber related peeps and still do, but I had another though and found a tribe I've grown to love. After being on the fringes of the maker movement in Austin, it occurred me to google "maker space" and I was happy to see  Wichita had one, MakeICT. Here I've found a group of like minded people, who can also help inspire my mini maker. I don't have all the skills he needs to be the maker he wants to grow into, he want's to be a robotics engineer. I'm glad to have my community and have other makers to help fill in the gaps for him.  They also love me back, check out my Featured Maker article here